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Notes from Elm Europe 2017


I don't have much time today (I'm in Copenhagen in Denmark for a holiday) but I want to share my set of notes from Elm Europe 2017 (it was AMAZING, by the way!)

General advice

Persuading CTOs to let you use Elm

  • make them watch the Elm Europe 2017 talks by Gizra CTO Amitai Burstein and Nomalab CTO Sébastien Crème!

"Unlocking yourself" process

  • What are you trying to do?
  • What are the important features?
  • Can you write an example of usage?
  • Consult the community if you're stuck

Growing your Elm app

  • Split functions into smaller functions that can fit in your head
  • Narrow the types (both of arguments and return values)
  • Extensible records - restrict arguments, not model, and allow you to eliminate need for nested records
  • and solve the "too much config" problem
  • update can return whatever you want!

Designing APIs

  • Start with a real use case
  • Test with real people.
  • Allow for advanced use cases, but have simple defaults
  • Have both simple and advanced examples

Visualization talks (by both Jakub Hampl and Tereza Sokol)

  • Read "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information" by Edward Tufte!


  • in CSS, anything unexpected is an error

Check libraries and packages

All in all, again, it was an AWESOME event! I feel so inspired :)

By the way, my talk, my slides, repo and package!

Elm Europe, See you next year! :)

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